Dock for Xps m1210…

This is a docking station made by me for my DELL XPS m1210. I was having trouble as the Laptop became very hot when placed on the table as it jam packed from inside and the temperatures of the insides soar upto 94 degrees (celcius) and mind you thats too hot to even touch.

So i made this dock with a usb fan ( normal cabinet fan with usb cable attached ) and a laoding slot for my portabe seagate 80 GB Hard Disk.

The dock is made of scrap and some glue.

For cooling I tested it with a smoking stick and thus proper placement was decided for fan and the air vents. you can see in the vdo that the smoke is sucked into the vent very well when the smoking stick is brought close to the vent. This is a cool and easy method to check air flow for the desktop too.

Now i can play Supreme commander wihout my computer getting slow due to increasing temperature.

For temperature monitoring I used I8kfangui It works great for Dell notebooks.

The dock is made of styrofoam that was used as packaging for my 5.1 Speakers Umax Powerbeats.I kept the packaging just in case I might make use of it someday. What can be a better use than this.


Top view of my styrofoam dock.

Another view


Portable HDD in its slot held firm… in right


Left half..


Lil’ badboy on the dock.


3 thoughts on “Dock for Xps m1210…”

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