About Me

Hi Every one… My name…. Utkarsh (Utkarsh)

Pursuing MBA in Networkk and IT infrastucture

Symbiosis Centre for Information Technolgy, Pune

Member of IT Entrepreneurship and Leadership Forum [IT ELF]

I design, read, travel, have fun withfriends and of course BLOG!

I loved watching cnettv (www.cnettv.com) and thats where i came to know about this site (wordpress). After fumbling through the site I thought of creating a blog on this site because It looked like they offer almost anything that one might need to add to his/her blog.

And now here I am having more than 25K Hits [excluding my  visits].

\m/ WORDPRESS  \m/

8 thoughts on “About Me”

  1. Hi there,

    It is really nice to know you have successful installed kalway 10.5.1 on M1210. Wonder, with the 10.5.2 patch, are you able to make the rest of the things works? I am looking for your guidance into making my unit works too. Tq


  2. Hi Utkarsh,

    I am Vivek, just was serching about the small cars of India, and came across your blog, its relaly nice and informative. I always wonder how to create a blog, as I also wants to explore my creativity and reach out to the world. but dont have much knowladge about how to develop a website or how to create a blog.

    I was wondering if you can help me out on the same it will be very nice.

    Hoping to get a response on vivsha12@gmail.com

    Vivek Sharma

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