How starbucks saved my life… a review

How starbucks changed my life

Michael Gates Gill

How starbucks changed my life is the story of a man who has a wonderful career and every thing in life. He was born to rich parents lived in the best part of New York in a mansion with 35 rooms and as a family tradition went to Yale for education. He didn’t have to wait for his job after education as one of his old friends helped him get a job at J. Walter Thompson advertising Company. He rises to the position of the CEO with his skills and efforts and then one fine day he is fired by a superior whom he had hired and helped to get a senior position than his.

After being fired when he looks back he realizes that all that he did for his work whether it was working long hours or staying away from family or even leaving them to get onto a project on Christmas was never enough and no one cared and as he grew old and was no use to the JWT he was fired. That brought him to the streets and all he could think was how it can happen to him. He starts his own company falls in love with another woman and has a kid with her and eventually when his former wife knows about this they separate and even his 4 children get annoyed with him. He runs his company for some time but as time passes the business gets slow and slow and eventually it dries out. This person was a coffee lover and used to visit Starbucks often to have his coffee. And it was this starbucks which offered him a job when he desperately needed one.

Though it was nowhere in comparison to his old job but still there was something in this job which was entirely different form the previous ones. No one was the boss at starbucks all were partners and every one was treated with respect whether it was the customers or employees. He was the only white guy in his store and this was the first time he saw the other side of the coin otherwise he had never known that there was a world like this right there in coexistence with him. His stay at starbucks teaches him to enjoy life and brings out his real self who is a funny guy and loves to connect with people and enjoys coffee a lot. It is these three qualities that make him the star of that store and the only person till date to get 5 stars in his review. His perspective to life changes as he gains experience in the store and he gets to learn a lot from the other who worked along with him. He feels sorry for the person he was but on the other hand is grateful for the change that happened to him and made him a better accepted person.