COOL LED mod….

This project was undertaken just make one of my best friends MOBIKE more flashy… and we mean it because you will see a lot of flashes and to remind you.. (Sachu Loves Flashing LEDS) and this time its in multicolor..

Parts used…

LEDS 8 Tri color self flashing with alternating patterns.

4.5 V rechargeble cells (1.5 x 3 eveready)

wires and a switch.

100_4036.JPG This is the basic LED module and its frame that will be used to mount the LEDS onto the BIKE’s side panels

100_4034.JPG The BIKE with side panels removed…

100_4033.JPG The other side too..

100_4037.JPG Side panels lying on my bed

100_4038.JPG Another photo of LED and frame..

100_4039.JPG Panels and LEDS together in a picture

100_4042.JPG LEDS mounted into the slots of the panel… The two reflections just on the outer sides of LML..

100_4044.JPG Internal view left panel

100_4045.JPG Internal view right panel

100_4048.JPG This one’s just for fun to show the battery which powers the lights…. (joking … the lights are powered by separate 4.5 V rechargeable batteries.)

100_4050.JPG Panel mounted… You can see the LEDS in their place (SLOT)

The final Video will be posted in a few days. It could not be recorded as we finished all our work before noon and Sachu went home. He will come tommorow or day after in the evening then we will have the all colourfull flashes….. till then wait.


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