Residential Program vs non residential programs.

Currently there has been a trend in colleges to have classes around the clock. The classes are scheduled any time throughout the day and there are at times a gap of many hours in between. Consider for example my college. I am a student at Symbiosis Centre for Information technology which only has a residential program, which means that hostel  is compulsory for all students whether you like it or not.  This was my first time staying in a hostel and believe me I enjoyed a lot. Made so many friends and now it all seems like one big family.

It’s not that there are no issues at all between room mates but still one also has altercation in home with brothers and sisters too. Our day begins at 7 am and can go up to 12 in the night. The longest day which we had till now was from 9 in the morning to 12 midnight. Still it is good. We have a lot of time in between classes and people even go to watch movies if there is sufficient time between classes.

Comparing this with my previous experience from my previous college, I was in an Engineering college in Lucknow doing my Computer Engineering. The timing was 9 to 5 and it all felt like normal office. Mostly classes were back to back with one hour of break for lunch but something was missing. There was no feeling of this kind of bonding between the students like we have over here at SCIT.

The residential program teaches a lot. The sense of responsibility due to living on own and the fact that the roommates and the friends are the only people around when something happens creates an unknown sense of bonding among the students. In non residential program its difficult for the students to be together for a very long period to work on something while this not a restriction when you live in a hostel with all your friends.

One more thing I would like to mention over here is that mostly now days instead of professors industry people come to take classes and with a residential program where the students are there 24×7 the visiting faculty can schedule the lecture at any time along with their work.