Well ppl what to say about this game i cant think of right now. This is my first MMORPG [massively multiplayer online role playing game]. I played it for the first time when i was touring my country for my college Interviews. I am thankful to SIN who introduced me to this game. I play many characters my first being Neena which i lost i dont know how. Various others i play are harsh[EA] Mee2[EP] and McMeoW [WF]. I learned the game the hard way. Made lot of unneccesarry expenses and got messed up many times and keep doing it. I found this game very interesting more over the guilds are lot helpful. I have been into many guilds with my main player that is harsh but none i found satisfactory till i got into Entourage. Its awesome and i mean it. I wont be leaving this guild for anything. This is the best i have had of the perfect world. A recommendation though… if u play many characters place them in different guilds so u have large no of friends… at least i like many friends… I have been through tough times too in the game. The worst when my stats were messed up as an EA [harsh] then one of the friends @ANGEL@ helped me out of the blue. I now in a position that i can help new ones and i don’t leave a single chance to help others. One advice tho is that spend carefully and look for the materials lol…..

I wud be sticking to this game for long… cant tell how long but will stay around to help…

I am thankful to all in game friends and my GM’s and all others who helped me.

I’ll be there for u…. just pm me.

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