Lucknow Top 50 Twitter users

Rank Name Bio Action
1 mtaram
(Utkarsh Verma)
Blogger, Web designer, Dreamer,, Entrepreneur. I love to read and kill time… [Tweet Them]
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2 rockinfuture
(Satyesh Kumar Singh)
[Tweet Them]
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3 swatantraawaz
Graphics/Web Designer [Tweet Them]
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4 iiml
(IIM Lucknow)
IIM Lucknow [Tweet Them]
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5 onlineravi
[Tweet Them]
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6 preethij
[Tweet Them]
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7 anoopdreams
(anoop kumar singh)
an unknown mystery [Tweet Them]
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8 supernova514
(Saurabh Srivastava)
IIM L 2010 batch. IT BHU 2004 batch. [Tweet Them]
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9 stonedwasherman
(Anand Dorairaj)
All that twitters is not told.. [Tweet Them]
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10 bharatjhurani
IIML grad. In the profession of selling chocolates.. n tonnes of them!!! [Tweet Them]
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11 siddharth_misra
(Siddharth Misra)
Blogger, quizzer, social enterpreneur [Tweet Them]
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12 siddharthashok
Web developer. Graphics designer. Love to play computer games. Thinks about mother earth. [Tweet Them]
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13 anu4udilse
(Anurag Srivastava)
If am any problem in Web Development/ Designing feel free to contact me.. [Tweet Them]
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14 arvmis
Fair,Helpful,46 yrs,Amiable,Like Sanskrit and Vedic Learning and Philosophy, Computers, Taxation,Finance,Law,Hindustani Classical Music [Tweet Them]
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15 anpara
fARzi [Tweet Them]
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16 rritu
(Rritu Saurabha)
cogito, ergo sum [Tweet Them]
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17 aashi_kashyap
[Tweet Them]
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18 devikachopra
(Devika Chopra)
hhmm..a very sweet girl..completely mad abt srk… [Tweet Them]
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19 poojanrana
[Tweet Them]
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20 sumitsinha
(Sumit Sinha)…
Want more than 160 chars to define 😉 [Tweet Them]
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21 shishirt
(Shishir Tripathi)
Juz wanna say keep rockin’ …….. [Tweet Them]
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22 ashishchandra
(Ashish Chandra)…
There is always next time. [Tweet Them]
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23 roushn
[Tweet Them]
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24 arunatma
[Tweet Them]
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25 abledoc
(Able Lawrence)
Rheumatologist and Immunologist [Tweet Them]
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26 preethiaithal
(Preethi )
Always Smiling 🙂 [Tweet Them]
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27 arunmarneni
(Fatima Arun Marneni)
[Tweet Them]
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28 sachin_88
(Sachin Shukla)…
m a simple boy, trying 2 achive gr8ness. I m a web designer. Playing games on my PC and watching movies is also an important part of my life [Tweet Them]
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29 sajal16
(sajal shukla)
Do you feel when you have to write something about yourself your mind either goes blank or there’s too much you want to say but you feel like it might be consid [Tweet Them]
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30 AmanAlam
(Aman Alam)
[Tweet Them]
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31 doksaab
(Manoj Singh)
I treat the kid in you ! [Tweet Them]
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32 Rx_Dang
Smart ???….hmmm Handsome. [Tweet Them]
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33 saksham1926
(Saksham Srivastava)…
Left-handed and October-born….it’s the deadliest possible combination…! [Tweet Them]
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34 programmergamer
(Karan Dwivedi)
I’m a Geek! Interested in software development and tweaking systems. [Tweet Them]
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35 uashfaq
(Umar Ashfaq Siddqui)
[Tweet Them]
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36 lvsvikram
(Lokendra Vikram)
I’m Chhotu and 0.. But LOKENDRA is… L- Lovable, O- Obedient, K- Kind, E- Emperor, N- Nepenthes, D- Defiant, R- Realistic, A- Abnegator… [Tweet Them]
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37 gandalfthewise
(Anurag Srivastava)
Truly Madly Deeply….CRAZY!!! [Tweet Them]
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38 astitva
(Punita Saxena)
Astitva Welfare Society is registered under society registration act and currently working for education of underprivileged children and weaker section . [Tweet Them]
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39 sanshul
(Anshul Sharma)
[Tweet Them]
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40 navdeep983879
(Navdeep Pilakhnawal)
[Tweet Them]
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41 pandeysourabh
(Sourabh Pandey)
I am million different people from one day to the next [Tweet Them]
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42 advertisementin
(Roopesh Agarwal)
[Tweet Them]
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43 ManojKriplani
(Manoj Kriplani)
I’d rather be a could-be if I cannot be an are; because a could-be is a maybe who is reaching for a star ! [Tweet Them]
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44 vikramsjn
(Vikram Sujanani)
[Tweet Them]
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45 mayawatinews
(Mayawati News)
Unofficial, feed-driven news headlines about Mayawati [Tweet Them]
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46 jatinme7
(Jatin Mehrotra)
I am Jatin Mehrotra [Tweet Them]
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47 ahzamshadab
(Ahzam Shadab)
know me know life –no me no life [Tweet Them]
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48 mini246
(meenakshi sundharam)
[Tweet Them]
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49 prasunpandey
(Prasun pandey)
i haven`t understood myself comletely yet… [Tweet Them]
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50 eunoocj
(nishant kumar)
I’m a very down to earth person.! I love to love n love to be loved…! [Tweet Them]
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Author: MtaraM

Solution designer with Firstsource solutions. An MBA grad in Networks and IT Infrastructure. Technology enthusiast, blogger, webdesigner, Network security aspirant and in love with electronics and gadgets a Household Hacker and Audiophile who loves to share thoughts about almost anything @Mtaram on Twitter

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