We had surround sound now welcome “Surround-sight”

Expand your view of gaming, productivity, and entertainment and discover a new realm of panoramic computing with ATI Eyefinity advanced multiple-display technology. With the introduction of new GPUs from AMD which are compliant with next-generation DirectX® 11, ATI Eyefinity technology with DisplayPort connectivity, enables a single GPU to support up to six independent display outputs simultaneously. Boost everyday productivity, and ease multitasking with a vastly expanded visual workspace. Intensify gaming with ultra-immersive playing environments, and expand your entertainment landscape with a breathtaking field-of-view. Offering easy configuration and flexible upgradability, the innovative graphics capabilities of ATI Eyefinity multiple-display technology helps dissolve visual limitations and adds a new “surround-sight” sensation to your PC experience.

ATI Radeon™ HD 4890Operate up to six high-resolution displays simultaneously and independently, flexibly configured in various combinations of landscape and portrait orientations. Group multiple monitors into a large integrated display surface, enabling windowed and full-screen 3D applications, images, and video to span across multiple displays as one desktop workspace. ATI Eyefinity advanced multiple-display technology supports Duplicated Mode operation (PC desktop cloned on multiple displays) and Extended Mode (PC desktop extended across multiple displays), and offers comprehensive operating system support that includes Windows® 7, Windows Vista®, and Linux.


Immerse yourself in game play:

  • Get a commanding view of the action, and enjoy more control in real-time strategy games.
  • Detect enemies sooner, react faster, and survive longer in first-person-shooter games.
  • See enemy aircraft with peripheral vision, and fly with greater spatial awareness in flight combat simulators.
  • Eliminate blind spots and feel a heightened sense of speed in racing games.


Helps you get more done:

  • Optimize productivity by increasing PC desktop workspace with multiple high-resolution monitors.
  • Manage multitasking more efficiently, and view more data, applications, and images at once.
  • Avoid time-wasting application-switching, window-sorting, mouse-clicking, and scrolling.
  • Improve accuracy, speed workflow, reduce eyestrain, and increase work satisfaction.


Maximize your leisure time:

  • Group multiple monitors into a large integrated display surface for the ultimate wide-screen home theater display.
  • View TV sports, movies, or video entertainment on one monitor while viewing online stats, Internet pages, or games on other displays.3
  • Flexibly configure monitors in various combinations of landscape and portrait orientations for specialized video and audio editing applications.

Using ATI Eyefinity

ATI Eyefinity is defined as two or more display outputs operating simultaneously and independently from each other. Support is available for Duplicated (Clone) and Extended multiple monitor modes, with new support for the capability to group displays into a massive single large surface spanning across multiple displays for use with your desktop workspace, video playback, with support for both windowed and full screen 3D applications.

Below are some of key usage scenarios:

ATI Radeon™ HD 4890 ATI Radeon™ HD 4890
3×1 Portrait Display Group 3×1 Landscape Display Group
ATI Radeon™ HD 4890 ATI Radeon™ HD 4890
3×1 Display Group Plus 1 Extended 3×2 Landscape Display Group
ATI Radeon™ HD 4890 ATI Radeon™ HD 4890
3×1 Display Group Plus 3 Extended 2×2 Display Group Plus 2 Extended


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