What do I think

What can one think about thinking? Once you think about it you just can’t stop thinking.  The way I think is like I start with something that catches my attention and from there on I keep going on and on and on and reach somewhere that is not at all related to the initial thought. It happens with me or with all I am unsure because I have not asked anyone else and for the first time I am going to ask this question to you. So just tell me. It is with me or you too think like this.

While I am awaiting answer let me tell you what I thought one fine day in my class. It was some day and morning class. I as usual entered the class late and moved to the farthest seat. Weather was cool. Some windows were open and outside it looked great with the morning mist just vanishing. At the last row we have one advantage and that is that if you don’t want to listen to the professor you don’t have to. The class was accounts and I was in no mood to study. I in fact was scribbling something on my notebook while the professor was busy with the front rows discussing some problem.

Mean while a flying crow caught my attention and my eyes tracked it till the very end of its flight which ended on a rusted pipe on the top of our mess building. The bird perched there for a few seconds and then took a dive towards the ground and My eyes as well as my thoughts followed it. And then it went under the window and out of my view but due to the momentum my eyes kept moving and the next was face of some one. I just stopped there and the very thought in my mind was what I am doing here. I tried to take a break from thinking and tried to listen to the professor but by that time the problem had been solved and the answer was there. Let me take a break and tell you what is the answer of the question which we started discussing at the very beginning.

The answer makes me think that the thinking style differs from individual to individual. I keep going with the flow but there are times I keep thinking about the same thing over and over again and rest of te thought s just keep going around that one thought. It so tough to understand the human brain, how it can find the similarities or say a link between two thoughts, which if taken separately have no link. It’s like the sun and the planets. Any new though is a new planet but being a part of solar system it goes around the sun. So what ever is thought starts from the sun and in one way or the other ends at the sun.


Author: MtaraM

Solution designer with Firstsource solutions. An MBA grad in Networks and IT Infrastructure. Technology enthusiast, blogger, webdesigner, Network security aspirant and in love with electronics and gadgets a Household Hacker and Audiophile who loves to share thoughts about almost anything @Mtaram on Twitter

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