Mafia wars Items guide.

mafia wars

You come from a humble Bronx family and begin your climb up through the mob’s chain of command, leaving a body behind on every step. You must train in the gym, get an education, and find a job to use as a cover for your illegal activities. Once near the top, you can try and eliminate a rival family’s don and assume control of the nation’s most powerful crime family. The choice is yours but it won’t be easy. There are many others out there just like you, a poor Italian kid from the Bronx. Do you have what it takes? Will you become the Don of the most powerful family in the mafia? Only time will tell!!

I had been shuffling through various pages of mafia wars to get to what i wanted and it was too annoying. So i decided to go for a list which is as follows.

Beat Up Rival Gangster – .22 Pistol 2 ATK 0 DEF
Rob a Pimp – .9mm Semi-Automatic 3 ATK 2 DEF
Diamond Flush Collection can be looted from any job

Collect Protection Money – Butterfly Knife 2 ATK 1 DEF
Rough Up Dealers – Brass Knuckles 2 ATK 2 DEF
Take Out a Rogue Cop – .45 Revolver 3 ATK 2 DEF
Preform a Hit – Tactical Shotgun 3 ATK 2 DEF
Heart Flush Collection can be looted from any job

Clip the Irish Mob’s Local Enforcer – Lucky Shamrock Medallion 1 ATK 7 DEF
Lucky Shamrock Medallion Attack: 1 Defense: 7
Destroy Enemy Mob Hideout – C4 5 ATK 2 DEF
Kill Protected Snitch – Stab-Proof Vest 2 ATK 5 DEF
Bust Made Man Out of Prison – Automatic Rifle 4 ATK 4 DEF
Fight Haitian Gang – Semi-Automatic Shotgun 5 ATK 4 DEF
Steal a Tanker Truck – Firebomb 4 ATK 2 DEF
Sculptures, Poker Chips and Club Flush Collections can be looted from any job

Smuggle Across the border – Armored Truck 4 ATK 8 DEF
Rob an Electronics Store:
Computer Set-up Attack: 0 Defense: 0
Untraceable Cell Phone Attack: 0 Defense: 0
Concealable Camera Attack: 0 Defense: 0
Cigars and Spade Flush Collections can be looted from any job

The enforcer tier also contains the billiards collection [thanks to Sage for pointing]

HITMAN 18-24
Obtain Compromising Photos – Black Mail Photos
Repel the Yakuza – Grenade Launcher 14 ATK 10 DEF
Disrupt rival smuggling ring – .50 Caliber Rifle 16 ATK 11 DEF
Invade Tong Neighborhood – Armored CAR 14 ATK 15 DEF
Sell Guns to the Russian Mob – RPG Launcher 20 ATK 12 DEF
Protect your City From Rival Family – Bodyguards 8 ATK 25 DEF
Assassinate Political Figure – Night Vision Goggles 5 ATK 16 DEF
Exterminate Rival Family – Napalm 25 ATK 9 DEF
Rings and Ties Collections can be looted from any job

CAPO 25-34
Steal an Air Freight Delivery – Prop plane 5 ATK 20 DEF
Run a Biker Gang Out of Town – Harley Davidson Motorcycle 18 ATK 6 DEF
Steal Bank Records – Illegal Transaction Records
Paintings and Cufflinks Collections can be looted from any job

Influence a Harbor Official – Luxury Yacht 10 ATK 20 DEF
Ransom a Businessman’s Kids – Porche 911 20 ATK 14 DEF
Fix the Big Game – Bookie’s Holdout Pistol 24 ATK 12 DEF
Great Race Horse Collection can be looted from any job

Break Into the Armory – Humvee 26 ATK 22 DEF
Rip Off the Armenian Mob – AR-15 Assault Rifle 32 ATK 10 DEF
Take Over an Identity Theft Ring – Falsified Documents 2 ATK 30 DEF

BOSS 100+
Buy Off a Federal Agent – Federal Agent 15 ATK 25 DEF
Make a Deal with the Mexican Cartel – Private Jet 12 ATK 38 DEF
Blackmail the District Attorney – Police Cruiser 22 ATK 28 DEF
Shake Down a City Council Member – Armored Limosine 16 ATK 36 DEF

Job Mastery Rewards:

Street Thug: Pistol Bayonet: +4% damage dealt in fights.

Associate: Bugatti: -7% damage received in fights.

Soldier: Golden Skull: a 30 second reduction on your health regen timer.

Enforcer: Money Plate: a 5% discount on property purchases.

Hitman: Chainsaw Bayonet: a 30 second reduction on your stamina regen timer.

Capo: State Senator: a 5% discount on property repairs.

Consigliere: Helicopter: a 30 second reduction on your energy regen timer.

Underboss: Private Island: a 5% bonus on job experience.

Boss: Golden Throne: 2x the energy regenerated per regen period.


Author: MtaraM

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6 thoughts on “Mafia wars Items guide.”

  1. even though I enjoy the games, I do wish you could opt out of the endless reports that go to non-players. I am certain that there is some computer programer smart enough to do that. FB, would prefer that everyone have to endure this crap because they make money off those folks who buy the real cash for the games.

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