Tata nano bookings likely to be cancelled after first lottery.

Auto analysts and business analysts in India fear that Tata Nano may face booking cancellations after the first round of lottery winners is announced. Tata Nano has received about 203,000 bookings for its models but the company has capacity to manufacture on 50,000 cars from its Uttrakhand plant in Pantnagar. The mother plant in Sanand will be completed early next year and is expected to become fully operational by first quarter of 2010.

Tata Nano

The lottery will be completed by the end of the next month when names of first one lakh lucky Nano owners will be announced. Tata Motors will start deliveries from July 2009 and will be able to deliver only 50,000 cars by end of December 2009.

“Bookings beat expectations but the company may not be able to retain orders going ahead,” said Mahantesh Sabarad, an analyst at Centrum Broking in Mumbai. Further the analysts also expect that the pricing is not competitive and expected that nearly one-third of outstanding bookings may be cancelled after the lottery.


Author: MtaraM

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2 thoughts on “Tata nano bookings likely to be cancelled after first lottery.”

  1. 1. It was reported that 70% of the booking have taken place through Auto Finance.
    2. There are many who have booked more than one car to stand in a better chance of allotment.
    3. Few have booked with the intention to trade on the allotment letter.
    4. Few may not be interested to wait for more that 6 months to get the delivery.
    5. Tata’s have guarenteed the price for the first one lakh allottees

    Looking into all these factors, my assessment of Tata retaining the booking is around 50%, that is little over one lakh cars.

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