Peoples car, an idea whose time has come… Ratan Tata.

Tata nano the much awaited people’s car is all set to roll out on march 23 2009. Nano is all set to break all sales and booking records and the gurus are already comparing it to the Ford model T. People have been waiting for it very eagerly and now that the launched date has been announced they can’t wait any further.

Despite the economic slowdown the Tatas have managed to do what they had said. Earlier this year there were speculations that nano might roll out in the first quarter but also there were speculations that it might get delayed too.

Now we have the nano and apart from that Tata has a big line up for the days ahead. Following nano will be the Fiat Grande Punto in June, Tata X-over due in last quarter 2009, Tata Safari all new models, Fiat Bravo, Tata Indigo and many others…

So keep watching…


Author: MtaraM

Solution designer with Firstsource solutions. An MBA grad in Networks and IT Infrastructure. Technology enthusiast, blogger, webdesigner, Network security aspirant and in love with electronics and gadgets a Household Hacker and Audiophile who loves to share thoughts about almost anything @Mtaram on Twitter

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