New year bash NITI’10

Welcoming this New Year was a blast. The craziest of the crazy NITI peeps went out to freak out to Builder’s farm to freak out. The party was organized by the ex CR and current PLC member Shreeji Doshi. Builder as a host was helped in logistics by Sumtya, the heartthrob of the class.

It was a dark night and we all had the best of intentions to light it up to welcome the new year. It took us a few days to plan the much awaited class (well not all of us) trip to some remote place (the place was not to remote but as all the cell phones stopped working except for chacha’s it was) to have fun. The effort done by the peeps to get the classes cancelled for the party, the booking of the bus, arrangement for the food and booze it was all great fun. The time in the bus was real fun and once we reached the place we never even in our dreams had thought that it would be such a beautiful place. The environment was awesome. The farm house on the top of a hill with trees and farms all around and the lit up sky above us was a mesmerizing experience for all of us.

The next thing was the food that we had to make for us to eat. The BBQ was awesome and well maintained by Mr. Doubtfire, Nandi, Chungfoo and Sir John. Well it took a lot of time and effort to light up the fire but the result was worth it. The DJ was Kinji Baby who played some good and some very horrible songs. By the time the clock had struck midnight, the beginning of the New Year, two of the warriors were down and the rest were in full swing. Then followed the round of hugs and wishes for the New Year were flowing in the air.

I was out for the later part of the morning and when I woke up there were a lot many new stories to hear and believe me they all were funny and crazy in themselves.

We drove around the area till the noon and had fun in a dam reservoir where chacha lost Kinji’s specks in the pool and thanks to the rescue team to look for it under water and get it back to the poor fellow.

Then followed the brunch and we all were back to the house to have fun…. Rest all was fun and the returning was the good time……

All was good and went well. All enjoyed a lot and had one helluva time except for Akka…. But she must have had some fun…


Author: MtaraM

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