Null worksop at I2IT Hinjewadi Pune


NULL [0x00] is a Network Security community for ethical hackers, security professionals and security enthusiasts, born out of the need for a centralized knowledge base in security and the fact that security is treated as an add-o and ignored many a times. It is a step to move towards immunity from security.
We had the first workshop at I2IT Pune and it was a great success.
The major attractions of the workshop were the Wireless Security and the TCP/IP and NMAP workshops where in the audience not only learned the theoretical things but also saw in real-time that how insecure is a WEP secured wireless network and how one can steal Gmail password which is considered to be very secure by means of ARP poisoning and fake certificates.
The support and hospitality at I2IT by the volunteers and staff was excellent. We never had expected such great response from them and we appreciate the effort.

Speakers @ NULL were:
Aseem Jakhar (Founder: NULL security community) A network security and open source enthusiast (and a system programmer for living). He has contributed to the development of various security products and networking/security modules including:
– Firewall
– Regex filters.
– Baysian filters.
– Heuristic filters.
– Genetic Algorithm based score generator for heuristic filters.
– Advanced attachment filters.
– Multicast packet-reflection daemon.
– SMTP engine.
– DNSBL engine.
Aseem is an active speaker at security/open source conferences like Blackhat Europe 2008, ClubHack 2008, Gnunify 2007. He was also invited to speak at Inbox/Outbox UK 2008. He is a C|EH from Ec-Council and is actively involved in security research. He has also given security advisories to various organizations including banks.

Murtuja Bharmal (Co-founder – NULL)
urtuja is a Linux Kernel and Network Security maniac. Earning livelihood by working as a System Programmer. He has been contributing in development of various Network Security
products like Firewall, VPN, Application Proxies, and Authentication Modules for the past 5 years. Murtuja is a C|EH from EC-Council, is actively involved in Security practices, development, consultancy, with prestigious organizations. He has single handedly developed firewall product and got it compliant with ICSA-Labs and also has expertise in customization, security patching and integration of open
source products like SQUID, IPTables, VRRP, and OpenSwan.

Rohit Srivastwa (Member – NULL)
Founder of ClubHack, has several years experience in providing consultancy and training in the fields of Information security, Cyber Crime Investigation and Penetration Testing. He is actively involved advising and teaching several military agencies, law enforcement personnel, Corporates and Government bodies in these fields

Ajit Hatti (Member – NULL)
Ajit Hatti is a “Software Architect & System Programmer” by profession and “Network Security, Linux Enthusiast”. From last 4 years he has been contributing in research & development of security products like IPS/UTM/Mail Security & Network Scanners with various renowned Organizations. Ajit is also actively contributing in vulnerability research of various protocol implementations and has been researching on modern techniques of Fingerprinting & Application/OS detection. Ajit is also associated with PLUG, CSI, and Ubuntu’s development and testing.

Other Members Present :
Kinjal Ramaiya
Tushar Dalvi
Tara Lodh
Vipul Kalia
Utkarsh Verma
Ranjit Mohan


Author: MtaraM

Solution designer with Firstsource solutions. An MBA grad in Networks and IT Infrastructure. Technology enthusiast, blogger, webdesigner, Network security aspirant and in love with electronics and gadgets a Household Hacker and Audiophile who loves to share thoughts about almost anything @Mtaram on Twitter

12 thoughts on “Null worksop at I2IT Hinjewadi Pune”

  1. Hello,
    The presentation by NULL group at I2IT Pune was
    a great learning experience for us at I2IT,
    We thank you all and welcome in coming future for
    such tech savvy events.
    Thanks and Regards,

  2. Hey!

    I’m wondering about the ARP poisoning part you mentioned while stealing GMail passwords… I can handle the fake certificates part but could you elaborate a bit about the ARP poisoning thing…???

    Have been “cache capturing so far to do the same” but would like to know what this stuff is all about………

  3. hi thanks for sharing your knowledge with us we got a great experience with u i thank full to you all and i want you people to conduct more sessions for us please i want to know which are the best security training school in pune

  4. Yeah, I2IT is a great institute. They also have a great placement record. I recently got to know about the accreditation they received from IGNOU.

  5. I2IT and IGNOU have set up the Centre of Excellence for Advanced Education and Research that will offer 24 months, full time, face to face, world class M. Tech., M.S., MBA & Ph.D. Degree Programs in Information Technology, Management, Biotechnology, Nanotechnology, Robotics & Satellite Communications at I2IT campus in Pune.

  6. I2IT is awesome. Especially the campus and facilities. Great atmosphere and a stress free environment. Good to know about it’s newly acquired accreditation which makes it at par with all other universities.

  7. IsquareIT is as good as any other college or university in India. Infact it’s even better as it has better facilities and awesome infrastructure.

  8. Hey that’s awesome!! So now I’m applying to IIIT this year since it has received accreditation from IGNOU!

  9. The final M.Tech / MS / MBA Degree will be awarded by IGNOU. Though the Degree will be issued by IGNOU, it is not a distance learning / open degree. This is a regular full-time face-to-face degree program and hence is the same as any other Master’s degree from a central university.

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