ClubHack 2008

This year end seems to be a lucky one for me as one of my long awaited dreams came true. I attended a conference on Hacking and Security. ClubHack India’s own hackers’ convention.

I was at the right place and at the right time. There were warious talks and presentations and the best among them was the Backtrack workshop and Wireless secuity.

Workshops @ ClubHack2008
Speaker Topic
Kunal Sehgal Introduction to BackTrack – Local boot to remote root in just one CD
Rohas Nagpal & Gokul Narayan Cyber Crime Investigation and Forensic Basics
Sheetal Joseph & Rohit Srivastwa Wireless Security

Talks @ ClubHack2008

Speaker Topic
Aditya K Sood Hacking Client Side Insecurities
Ajit Hatti Immune IT: Moving from Security to Immunity
Aseem Jakhar AntiSpam – Understanding the good, the bad and the ugly
Atul Alex Reverse Engineering v/s Secure Coding
Chris Goggans Network Vulnerability Assessments: Lessons Learned
Harshad Patil Economic offenses through Credit Card Frauds Dissected
Jonathan Brossard Reverse Engineering for exploit writers
Karmendra Kohli Insecure Implementation of Security Best Practices: of hashing, CAPTCHA’s and Caching
Nibin Varghese Reverse Engineering for exploit writers
Rohas Nagpal State of Cyber Law in India

Author: MtaraM

Solution designer with Firstsource solutions. An MBA grad in Networks and IT Infrastructure. Technology enthusiast, blogger, webdesigner, Network security aspirant and in love with electronics and gadgets a Household Hacker and Audiophile who loves to share thoughts about almost anything @Mtaram on Twitter

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