Leopard 10.5.1 [Kalyway] on my XPS1210

This How MAC OSX Leopard 10.5.1 looks on my XPS1210 [aka BADBOY]

Everything Except hte 3945 wireless logitech camera and card reader seem to work fine.

I installed iphoto imovie garageband iDVD microsoft office mac 2008 iworks08 and all seem to work good but imovie is not running fine and it doesnt launch.

I have sound too but the camera i used to record vedio doesnt record sound.


WIRELESS WORKING swapped intel 3945 for 1490 


Author: MtaraM

Solution designer with Firstsource solutions. An MBA grad in Networks and IT Infrastructure. Technology enthusiast, blogger, webdesigner, Network security aspirant and in love with electronics and gadgets a Household Hacker and Audiophile who loves to share thoughts about almost anything @Mtaram on Twitter

4 thoughts on “Leopard 10.5.1 [Kalyway] on my XPS1210”

  1. I’ve tried several times to install OSX on my xps 1210, but every time something goes wrong. It either won’t show the native resolution, or I won’t get sound except through the head phones, or it will run incredibly sluggishly. I’ve got the kalyway dvd lying around, but I haven’t gotten around to trying it. Do you have any advice for the install?

    I have the webcam (which I don’t care if it works)
    the 3945 WiFi Adapter (which I don’t expect to work)
    and everything else pretty much standard build, 2.0 Core 2 with 2 gigs memory.

    Any advice, or config tips I’d appreciate.


  2. Well ur configuration is just right. The logitech can aswell ashe 3945 wireless will not work but u can swap the 3945 for a 1490 or 1390 from ebay. I am using 1490 from my latitude. 😉
    And as far as ur problems are concerned just mail me the steps u are following along with the dvd info that u are using to install on my email at mtaram@gmail.com and i wud be more than happy to help u.

  3. I have installed mac on xps m1210 and have the same problem.

    web cam
    wireless adaptor

    i need badly the wireless

    kindly help me get it working
    also let me know the detailed procedure and if any software required.

  4. the default intel wireless doesnt work u need to swap it with older dell 1490 wireless card… change it with any of ur friends who has dell latitude…
    Camera doesnt work for me too…

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